Y & F RIEGER - Curriculum Vitae

Yan H. Rieger, artist/designer.

Born 1933 in Muensterberg Silesia, Germany, spent his boyhood in Poland, studied in France, and arrived in the United States of America in 1961.

Started employment as interior designer with Doig Bernardini Studios Manhattan NY, a company specializing in church interiors, worked for Rambusch Company in New York City, as senior church designer, joined Jonynas & Shepherd Studios as business Partner. In 1971 became an independent artist designer and created his own studio in partnership with Francoise Rieger.

His conventional studies of art began at an early age, attending the “National Cultural Center of Arts” in Opole Poland, completing courses in sculpture, drawing and painting.

In 1950 entered the National Lycee of Visual Arts in Zakopane. This Junior College of Art Techniques, offered in addition to a classical education, course in developing the students artistic capabilities, enabling the individual to develop a personal relationship to content and form. Based on studies of nature. Composition and technical excises, with emphasis on woodcarving, experience were gathered for the creative artistic process. Upon the successful completion of the 5-year course, graduated in 1955, as valedictorian.

During summer vacations in College, worked as stone carver, recreating architectural stone decorations on historic town houses in Danzig. Carved in stone one 8’statue for Sculptor in Poronin. And participated in the restoration of historic murals in Warsaw.

From 1955 to 1957 continued his academic and artistic education at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw; studied sculpture.

1957 went to Paris France, enrolled at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs. Studied interior design, decorative arts and sculpture. Completed the four year program in 1961

For two years studied sculpture under Professor Marcel Gimont, a gifted educator at the famous Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris.

Traveled throughout Europe visiting museums, monuments, historic sites, churches and art treasures. Fluent in the following languages: German, Polish, French and English.

FRANCOISE A. RIEGER, artist, nee Dieuzaide, born in south-west of France.

Earned Baccalaureate in Philosophy (with honors) at the Classical College Marechal Lannes (Toulouse region). Studied drawing and painting at the Academie Charpentier and la Grande Chaumiere, Paris. Graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Art Decoratifs in Paris France, where she studied interior design, decorative arts and sculpture.
While still in College, won first prize in competition for design and styling of a first-class railroad-wagon, and won a first prize in competition for architectural design of a country estate on the river Marne.

Received a Medal in History of Art for the study of historic town marketplaces in Gascone. Obtained a one year scholarship for art-studies abroad, from the French Ministry of Culture. Attended at the Sorbonne in Paris, l’Institut d’Urbanisme.

Since the arrival in the United States of America, instructed art at the Lycee Francais, in Manhattan, NY for several years and executed many art commissions for churches, civic centers and private homes (tapestries, mosaics, sculptures in bronze and wood).

Francoise raised three children, Ilse, Remi and Claire and lives with Yan in a solar house they conceived and build themselves.
Ilse is a graduate of Dartmouth College, has a Master degree of Science in Biology from Northeastern University, received her degree of Doctor in Medicine from the State University of New York and did her postdoctoral residency in pediatrics at Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University. Presently practicing Medicine in a Mass General Hospital Clinic in Boston.
Remi graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. Holds an MBA title from Graduate School of Business Fordham University. Remi during his time at AOL Time Warner, holding the position as Director of Strategy and Research, achieved many patented inventions. Received in 2008 an Emmy for “Science Engineering & Technology Award’. Revolutionized TV of Time Warner Cable Broad Band Networks. Winner of Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Media. Presently works as an independent consultant
Claire is a graduate of the State University of New York and holds a B.T. degree in Visual Arts and communication. Works as an independent artist, website www.UpeikanDesign.com

The first year and a half in the USA, Yan worked for S.R.Rosenberg Design Manhattan, as interior designer creating showrooms and fashionable stores. For a brief period of time designed office spaces for Inter-plan NYC.

As a second year student at the Academy of Fine Art, Yan organized the first art student
exchange exhibitions between the “Academia Sztuck pieknych” in Warcaw potand and the,,
Academie Der Bildenen Kunste” in Berlin Wat Germany.

From 1963 to 1065 was employed as church interior designer, by Doig Bernardini Studios in Manhattan, NY.
Some of the designs created by Yan in this studio were:
-Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, Roosevelt NY. Rev Buckley. Eggers & Higgins Arch’s.

Designed furnishings and a mosaic in a traditional style.
-St Margaret Mary Church Albany NY, Rev.Msgr L.Clark. Lux & Assoc. Archts.
Designed interior in a pseudo gothic style.-Queen of Peace Convent, North Arlington.NJ Rev.L Williams
-St Ann Church ,Butte Mt. Rev.Bruce Plumer, Pastor Campeau & Brenne Archts.
Designed twenty 2’w x 30’h faceted dalles glass windows, on 6’ x 20’h St. Ann, window, one 12’ x 7’h baptistery window. All windows executed in Holland.
-14 Holy Helpers Church, Gardenville NY. Rev.Trautman Architect.
Designed large mosaic of the Risen Christ 6’w x 33’h located on the outside of belltower
-St Anthony Church, Northvale NJ.Rev.J.Johnson, Oakley Archt.
Designed baptistry window12’ x22’h.,and several clerystory 17’x x7’h., windows.
Designed sanctuary appointments and carved with Gunther two wood plaques.
-Holy Trinity Church, Floral Park Pa. Rev.Charles Ribick, Foreman & Dorsch Archts.
Designed furnishings and mosaic.
-St John the Evangelist Church, New Hartford, Rev, Thomas Hayes. Fr. Dellecese
Designed furniture and stained glass windows.
-St Martin of Tour Church, Amityville, Rev.F.J.Fuchs. Ferrenz & Taylor Archts.
Designed furnishings, colonial style figurative windows and mosaic.

In 1965 started to work for Rambusch Company NYC, in the position of Senior Designer, was project Manager of numerous large scale projects. Some of the more prestigious design projects included:

-St. Peter’s Cathedral, Belleville Ill. Most Rev. Bishop Zuroweste.
-St Anthony’s Cathedral, Timmins Ontario, Most Rev. Jaques Landriault. C.Osborne Ar.
-Old St Mary’s, Philadelphia, Pa. Most Rev Lohmuller. Novicki Architect.
-First Baptist Church Wichita Falls TX. Rev, Dr Chapman, Pastor.
-Iona College Chapel, New Rochelle.NY.
-Notre Dame H.S.Chapel, Norwich Ct. Russel, Gigson von Dohlen Architects.
-National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Irish Oratory. Washington.
-St Basil’s Church, Pittsburg, Pa. Rev R. Colligan, Pastor.
-US Naval Academy, Annapolis. Md. Memorial sculpture for class 39.
-Old Senate Chamber, Washington. Recreated period chandelier.
-Prophets Mosque, Medina. Two study models for 60’stained glass atrium dome.
-Archdiocese of New York.NYC. Designed for entrance a 20’x10’.h bronze logo.
-McGraw Building NYC. Designed ”Little Old New York”
St Josephs Chapel Newburgh, NY. Carved two 10’x17’oak bas reliefs.

1967 till 1971 Partner of Jonynas and Shepherd Studios. Queens NY.
Works designed and executed in this Studio by Yan Rieger.

Marymount College Chapel, Tarrytown NY
Transformed a dinning room into a chapel. Formed sculptural reredos. Designed simple furniture for sanctuary in black iron and wood. Sculpted tabernacle cast in metal

St Francis Xavier H.S.Chapel, Manhattan NY.Rev.J.A.Wood Adm.
Designed chapel interior. Sculpted stone cast altar and Eucharistic tower, created cross.


Chaminade H.S. Mineola NY. Rev. Philip K, Eichner, Director.
Designed a new environment and new furnishings rosewood altar, oak presiders chair bronze pulpit and credence table iron crucifix and candlesticks, in an existing chapel.
Created and executed all art work. Two mosaics a Madonna and station of the cross, a freestanding sculptural wall incorporating a cast tabernacle. Designed and executed six 5’ x13’h. stained-glass windows.
Published in Liturgical Arts Magazine May 1972. In this chapel many new innovative art techniques have been used, showing a full range of textural and visually exiting quality.

Lafayette Civic Center, Bridgeport Ct.
Designed six suspended mobile sculptures 18’ in diameter, executed in forged bronze.

North Mall Shopping Center, York, Pa.
Created and implemented two large kinetic abstract mosaic murals with glass mosaic and slate. Each mural is35’wide by 15’ and 14’h.


Ferrum College Chapel, Ferrum, Va. Dr. Herbert Hobbs Chaplain.
Designed ant implemented tree large 35’ x 30’stained glass windows on the themes of;
Incarnation, Mankind and Music.

St Patricks Home Bronx NY. Mother Regina Carmel Adm.
Designed small chapel and executed furniture in a traditional style.

Mary Manning Walsh Home, Manhattan NY. Mother Alysius Adm.
Designed interior of main chapel.
Designed and execute all appointments stained glass windows and a mosaic in sisters private chapel.

Ozanam Hall, Bayside,NY. Mother Ignatius Loyola Adm.
Designed space and environment of Main Chapel, carved sculptures. Created stained glass windows in Convent Chapel.


Brooklyn College, Science Building
Created a 9’ x 30’ long kinetic mosaic mural in stainless steel glass and stone.

Our Lady of Grace Church, Bronx NY. Rev. Msgr. Retagliata Pastor
Sculpted two bas-relief plaques in cast in aluminum from styrofoam.

Epiphany Church, Manhattan NY. Rev. Msgr. Francis Costello.Pastor
Created donors book and sculpted baptismal group for baptismal font.
Francoise wove in hautte lisse technique a 12’x18’ tapestry.

St John’s University, Jamaica NY.
Designed with D.Shepherd the interior of the University Chapel.

Mission of the Immaculate Virgin Church, Mount Loretta, NY. Rev. E. Fogarty.
Redesigned the entire interior of church, marble appointments where executed in Italy.
Carved two six-foot statues.
Francoise wove a large gobelin tapestry.
Fire destroyed church in 1076

St Clement Pope Church, South Ozone Park, NY. Rev Robert McCourt Past


St Vincent de Paul Church, Brooklyn NY. Rev. J. E. Hunt Pastor.
Supplied design service for the renovation of a new sanctuary and furnishings.

Incarnation Church, Queens Village. Rev. J. Edgar Pastor
Redesigned Sanctuary. Carve a 10’h bas relief in basswood of the “Last Supper”,
Two 3’d. plaques of St Peter and St Paul. One 6’ bas relief plaque of the “Annunciation”,
One mosaic mural in cast stone and glass mosaic for the shrine “Our Lady of Guadeloupe”.


Our Lady Help of Christians Church. Brooklyn NY Rev. F.E. Fitzpatrick. Pastor
Redesigned sanctuary area and existing furnishings. Provided painting and decorating schemes.

Sacred Heart Church, New Suffern, NY . Commissioned by Harold Rambusch
Francoise wove on a vertical loom in a haute lisse technique a 5’h x 14’long tapestry on the theme of ”Pentecost”

Rockefeller Center NYC. Commissioned by Rambusch Company
Sculpted four larger than life size naturalistic looking royal stags for the annual christmas decoration.
Cedonia Mall, Baltimore, Md.
Designed and produced a freestanding three dimensional 2’w x 8’6”h, plinth sculpture in plexiglas.


St Catherine of Sienna Church, St Albans NY. Rev. J.P. Gallagher Pastor.
Created a modern environment in the spirit of the new liturgy, reflecting the cultural ethnic background of the congregation with a modest budget. Provided design service from conception to completion; Survey, architectural scale drawings of interior, layouts, elevations, renderings, decorating schemes accent lighting diagram, supervision and execution. Produced two mosaic panels, St Mary and St Joseph with Christ.
Francoise hand wove in a gobelin technique a large tapestry used as reredos.

St Jerome’s Church Brooklyn NY. Rev. Msgr. Henry Zimmer Pastor
Planned, designed and supervised the renovation of the church interior.
Created and carved liturgical furniture. Produce a 12’diameter glass mosaic of the “Pantocrator”, engraved four 8’h, plexiglas panels.


Most Precious Blood Church, Brooklyn NY, Rev.Vincent J.Termine Pastor
As architectural design consultant conceived and developed in scale drawings, plans and elevations, a religious structure reflecting the urban surrounding and environment.
Designed a spacious interior suitable for the celebration of the new liturgy. Designed and executed all church cultic appointments, carved a 14’ large crucifixion scene in white oak. Designed all stained glass widows to create an ambiance of celebration, painted all figures in windows, executed in the Albinas Elskus Durhan Studios Manhattan.  Conceived and provided all bronze items.

St Mary QUEEN OF Heaven Church, Brooklyn NY. Rev John A. Burns Pastor
Provided designs and scale drawings for the renovation of this basement church.
Designed, sculpted and provided all liturgical furnishings (altar, pulpit, Eucharistic tower, baptismal font, presider’s chair.


St Mary Gate of Heaven Church, Ozone Park NY. Rev. Eugene Lynch Pastor.
Rendered complete design services for the renovation of this church to be implemented by parishioners. Designed and hand carved in oak appointments. Provided painting and decorating schedule.
Bishop Ford High School, Brooklyn NY. Rev. Robert Frueh Pastor.
Design services for the renovation of a student chapel and provided painted processional cross and candlesticks.


Sacred Heart Chapel, Bond & Bergen Brooklyn, NY. Re. .John O’Brien Pastor
Designed a small chapel for the Spanish community. Created cultic appointments


Our Lady of Grace Church, Howard Beach, NY. Rev. Francis Evans Pastor.
Designed and carved all cultic furnishings. Designed and painted ten stained glass windows representing American saints in narthex, chapel and sacristy.
Francoise carved an eucharistic tower and two bas relief woodcarvings St Joseph and St Jude.

St Basils Church Pa. Commissioned by Harold Rambusch.
Designed mosaic panel. Painted coat of arms on leather and processional crucifix.

Lovers Lane Baptist Church, TX. Commissioned by Robert Rambusch
Sculpted bronze ring

Christ the King Church, Springfield Gardens. Rev. J.Walace Pastor
Provided a feasibility study for the renovation

St Francis of Assisi Church. Rockville Md. Commission from V.F.E. Rambusch
Carved a 5’ statue of the risen Christ.
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church ,Scarsdale
Carved corpus for processional cross.
Trinity Church NYC.
Carved Christus Rex.

St Mathews Church Champlain Ill. Commission from Rambusch
Carved 6’ statue of St Mary and St Joseph in basswood, one set of Stations of the Cross and one bas relief of St Mathew symbol (angel) for pulpit.
Sacred Heart Church Raleigh SC
Sculpted a coat of arms, cast in bronze.


Chaminade High School, Mineola, NY. Rev. Philip K. Eichner
Created one 5’h, x 8’wide bas-relief sculpture in a copper repousse technique for the swimming pool area.

St John the Evangelist Church, Cleveland Ohio. Commissioned by Rambusch.
Provided one bishop coat of arms plaque in bronze.

Heavenly Rest Episcopal Church, NYC. Commissioned by Harold Rambusch.
Designed one silver and crystal crucifix.
Our Lady of Snows Church, North Floral Park, NY Rev. McCormack Pastor.
Designed a new liturgical environment in this former school gymnasium. Created and carved new oak cultic furnishings, sculpted two relief plaques, Sacred Heart and a Madonna 3’x7’h.,carved in oak 12 symbols of apostles as a part of the Eucharistic tower.
Painted symbols of the stations of cross on wood panels, and processional crucifix.
Francoise created decorative suspended panels in sanctuary.

St John Neumann Center St Charles Ill, Commissioned by Rambusch Co.
Carved one set of stations in wood.

St Mel’s Church, Flushing NY. Rev.Msgr. James P.King Pastor.E Giannasca Architect.
Designed church interior. Created and painted all stained glass windows, one large window wall of St Mel and St Brigid 80’wide by 12’h.


St Fidelis Church College Point NY. Rev.Msgr. Henry Zimmer Pastor
Designed a new interior for this pseudo gothic church build during the depression period. Provided a new floor layout created a new sanctuary and chapel areas.
Designed and provided all new liturgical furnishings in oak and mahogany.
Carved a large crucifixion group including St Mary and St Fidelis on a rood beam suspended over new altar. Created a mosaic panel in apse area,
Francoise carved a wood corpus for the processional crucifix and painted symbols of the twelve apostles on leather shields. Created a suspended tester over tabernacle in mylar.

St Anthony’s Church Sacramento, Ca. Commissioned by Robert Rambusch.
Francoise carved in butternut wood one set of station of the cross and a corpus for the processional cross.

St John’s Church, Linden NJ. Commissioned by Rambusch Co
Carved a “Last Supper “ scene in oak for an altar base. And a sculpted bas-relief for a bronze tabernacle door.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Galesburg, Ill. Commissioned by Rambusch Co.
Carved in basswood a large full relief 5’wide x 8’heigh sculpture of the “Pantocrator” central sculpture in the sanctuary of this new church carved a wooden relief sculpture. Carved corpus for processional cross.

Crosier Seminary, Onamia MN. Rev.J.G. Moeglein. Commissioned by Robert RambuschCarved in lindenwood a natural size 6’ statue of the “Risen Christ”.

Holy Name Hospital Chapel, Teaneck NJ, Commissioned by Willi Malarcher.
Francoise carved a 3’ statue of St Joseph, in butternut.
Christ the Redeemer Church, Sterling VA
Francoise carved a corpus in basswood.


St. Luke’s Church, Whitestone NY. Rev. Msgr.John J.Gorman, Pastor
Edward Durrel Stone Architects.
Designed interior, created designs for cultic appointments carved furniture in oak
Designed and painted stained glass half dome in baptistery area of apse.

Our Lady of Grace Convent Chapel, Howard Beach, NY
Designed chapel and created appointments in oak.

St Ephrems Church Brooklyn NY
Designed celebrants chair and a 5’statue of the” Risen Christ”

St Bonaventure Church, Glenshaw, Pa. Commissioned by Rambusch.
Francoise created a8’x8’ applique hanging in mylar and cotton and carved in mahogany a 5’ figure of the “Resurrected Christ”
Mercy Hospital, Rockville Centre, carved dove in wood.


Catholic Center, Diocese of St Augustine, Mandarine Fla. Bishop John J. Snyder.
Designed in collaboration with architect Charles Walker, the architecture of the chapel in the new Catholic Diocesan Center. Created a contemporary interior space with the colorful light of 320 square feet of stained glass and 135 feet of faceted dalles glass and smalti mosaic. Modeled directly on wall the large figures of St Augustine and St Monica. Designed and produced the cultic appointments.
Francoise made silk tapestry hangings and carved a corpus for the processional cross.

Hospital Chapel, NJ. Commissioned by Willy Malarcher
Francoise carved in walnut a 3’ seated Madonna and child.


St Pascal Baylon Church, St Albans NY. Rev. Robert McCourt, Pastor
Carved in oak one 5’6” Risen Christ for sanctuary wall

St Agnes Cathedral Rockville Centre, NY
Carved one 5feet bas-relief in basswood of St John baptizing Christ.

Assumption Catholic Church, Jacksonville, Fla. Rev.Msgr.E.C.Kohls Pastor
Designed and painted eleven 7’ x7’ stained glass windows. One 16’wide x 10’h stained glass window in St Joseph’s chapel showing the young Christ with St Joseph the worker.
Several stained glass windows are located in the reconciliation and other rooms.

St Pius the Fifth Church, Jamaica Queens. NY Rev. Anthony DiLorenzo Pastor.
Provided design services and liturgical consultation. Decorating and lighting schemes.

Orient Methodist Church, NY
Created one stained glass window in memory of Rev. Karl Moore.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Fairport NY
Francoise carved in wood 12 bas-relief symbols of the Apostles for the communion rail.

Newman Center Chapel, Brooklyn College, NY
Designed student chapel and provided appointments
Carved one 12 Crucifix for the “Religious Art Exhibition” at Brooklyn College


St John the Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY, Rev. Stephen Strouse, Pastor
Provided design service for the redesign by architect of church interior. Painted one 8’ in diameter mural of “Christ the Provider” and one set of Stations of the Cross in watercolor.
Francoise created two wall hangings, one of ”Baptism” and one of the ”Eucharist”.

New Life Community Church, Sayville NY.
Designed one 8’wide by 18’h central window in stained glass on the subject of “New Life”.
St Clement Pope Church, South Ozone Park, NY. Rev.Kenneth Vetter, Pastor
Designed new Eucharistic tower in wood and one statue of Christ as a boy.
Francoise created and carved in wood four 4’ os”x4’o”x3”thick bas-relief sculptures of: St. Benedict Moor, St Martin de Porres, St Cleaver , St Clement the Pope, and one statue of the Infant of Prague.

St Timothy Church, West Hartford CT
Designed and painted two 14’6” x23’6”h. large stained glass windows, one representing the old testament and the other the New Testament, and eight narrow windows 1’6”x15’h incorporating symbols of St Joseph and St Mary. Implemented by Schardt.

St Amelia Church, Tonawanda, NY.
Designed two 6’wide by 20feet high faceted dalles glass windows of St John Neumann and St Amelia.


Meribah Retreat Residence, Muttontown, NY Rev. Philip K.Eichner, Director
Yan hancarved into an 18’h.,oak trunk prepared by the Marianists a 12’corpus.

Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Bocca Raton, Fla.
Sculpted one fiberglass bronze finish statue of a 12’tall statue of “Our Lady” as seen by St Bernadette. Mounted on outside entrance wall. Commissioned by Rambusch Co.

St Brigid’s Church,Westbury, NY. Rev Msgr. Frederick Schaefer, Pastor
Knappe and Johnson Architects.
Designed a new interior in the spirit of the normanesque architecture of the church reflecting the requirements of the new liturgy. Created an appropriate Romanesque decorative motive in archways to enhance the character of this stone church. Designed and provide cultic appointments in marble using parts of existing marble communion rail and other units to create new furnishings like: altar, eucharistic tower, shrine of the word and devotional areas. Candlesticks and a painted processional crucifix. Restored painted artwork.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Astoria Queens, NY, Rev.James Smith, Pastor.
Designed lower church interior and provided handcarved in oak altar and pulpit. Created small stained glass window behind altar.

St Pascal Baylon Church, St Albans NY. Rev. Robert McCourt Pastor
Designed and carved oak altar, baptismal font, eucharistic tower.


Our Lady of Grace Montessori School, Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Manhasset, NY
Designed private chapel intimate environment, conducive to the celebration of mass, for the Sisters. Designed and executed liturgical furnishings and an 8’ x10’h.,decorative mosaic panel in Venetian tesserae.

St. Patrick’s Church Bayshore, NY. Rev. Msgr. Robert Fagan Pastor.
As liturgical design consultant provided new floor layouts, accent lighting and new decorations, color renderings and elevations, for this historic church to conform to the new liturgy. Created a new Chapel for the reservation of the Blessed Sacrament. Designed new cultic appointments incorporating existing marble from predella and side altars. Restored mosaic stations.

St Francis Xavier Church Brooklyn, NY. Rev. John O,Brien, Pastor
Designed and new sanctuary layout and altar which has bin executed in cherry wood with bronze columns to respect the architecture of this gothic revival church. Carved bookrest for pulpit.

St. Francis of Assisi Church, Middletown, CT Rev. Michael Fox, pastor
Provided conceptual drawings and design services for the renovation of this country church.
Christ the King Church, Springfield Gardens, Queens, NY. Rev. Bartholomew Keohane.
Designed a suitable interior for this lower part of an incomplete upper church.
Created a space for the celebration of mass, a new chapel of reservation, sacristy and rooms for reconciliation. Designed and provided new cultic appointments oak and a large tree shaped reredos in mahogany. Carved in mahogany a 6’ baptismal group and a bas relief sculpture of musical instruments.
Francoise painted a set of Stations of the Cross on wood panels in symbols and a processional crucifix.

St Hugh’s Church Maryland.
Carved a 4’wide by 8’h. Baptismal group in basswood. V.FE. Rambusch

Our Lady of Lourdes Church, West Islip, NY Rev. William Jablonski, Pastor. Mignone Associate Architects.
Designed new church interior provided floor layouts, plans and elevations. Accent lighting schedule, color and material schedules. Designed and provided one 14’x 20. Large faceted dalles glass window on the subject of ‘The Pentecost”. Twenty 2’x 8’ abstract stained glass windows and two 3’h x30’long clerystory stained glass windows. Redesigned existing stained glass window produced by Durham into a new partition between narthex and church. Created an 8’x 20’long kinetic slate stone and hand made glass mosaic on the theme of the vision of St. Bernadette in Lourdes. Designed and provided sanctuary furnishings in oak.
Francoise carved in basswood a set of Stations of the Cross and a 4’corpus of Christ.


St Thomas the Apostle Church, West Heampstead NY. Rev. Msgr.W.P.Costello.
Designed and provided fourteen stained glass symbol windows each 5’w x8’h’.
One in choir loft 8’ x 12h. and several smaller leaded glass windows. Carved a 4’ corpus in basswood, created a cross and one tabernacle.

St Peter/Paul Cathedral, Philadelphia, Pa. Cardinal John Krol
Francoise and Yan sculpted the following statues for the shrine “ Sacraments of the Holy Orders”, in various sizes from 5’ to 9’height: Christ Maximilian Kolbe. St John Neumann, St John Vianney with children, St Steven and St Lawrence and Melchidesek.
All sculpture heads and hands where carved in a Vermont rose granite.
Commission received through R. Rambusch.

Resurrection /Ascension Church, Rego Park, NY Rev.Msgr. Joseph Bynon Pastor
Designed and painted ten 10’x10’ stained-glass windows on the theme of ”God and his relation to mankind”.
Chaminade High School, Mineola NY. Rev. Philip K.Eichner, Director
Francoise designed and executed for the auditorium chapel one 5’ x15’
tapestry hanging of Christ.

St Lawrence Church Killingworth, Ct. Rev Michael O’Hara, Pastor.
Provided designs for this new church interior, designed and produced new Eucharistic tower in oak. Designed a large outside cross in steel and faceted dalles glass for the front gable of the church.


Immaculate Conception Church, Tuckahoe, NY Rev.Msgr. Anthony Maltese Pastor.
Redesigned the gothic church interior respecting the character of this style and adapting present architectural conditions to the requirements for the celebration of the new liturgy.
Redesigned narthex & sanctuary, designed marble floor and cultic appointments.

Kellenberg H.S. Uniondale, NY
Francoise designed and executed in linen and silk one 8’ x 18’h. tapestry hanging representing a crucifixion.

Chaminade High School. Mineola NY.
Francoise designed and execute one large tapestry hanging 8’ x18’h. in linen and silk the Pantocrator.

Resurrection Ascension Church Rego park Queens, NY Rev.Msgr. Joseph Bynon Pastor
Redesigned this former school auditorium for a more suitable environment to celebrate the new liturgy. Made architectural interior changes but preserved the art-deco character. Provided a larger narthex, with oak and leaded glass partition, a more functional sacristy, spacious chapels of reconciliation, an appropriate chapel for the reservation of the Blessed Sacrament, a sanctuary in the visual center the church and an artistic environment aspiring to the aesthetic liturgical demand. Designed new cultic appointment in marble, a walk in immersion two part baptismal font, Designed two 8’ x 16;stained glass screens leading to the chapel of reservation. One stained glass window for each reconciliation chapel and one for the sacristy. Carved in lindenwood one sculpture of St Patrick and one of St John Vianney hearing confession. Designed and painted one processional crucifix.
Francoise carved in linden wood one set of Stations of the Cross each 18”tall and 2”thick.


St Mary Star of the Sea Church, Far Rockaway NY. Rev. Denis Herron Pastor.
Provided new floor layout for sanctuary, church and narthex.

Meribah Retreat House, Muttontown NY, Very Rev, Philip K.Eichner Director
Francoise designed shrine of St Benedict, carved small model in wood and Yan enlarged the sculpture for casting in stone.

St Aloysius Church, Ridgewood Queens, Rev Eugene McGovern, Pastor.
Redecorated interior. Brought back original decorative aspect of this neoclassic interior design, lost by previous painting neglect. Designed a new sanctuary in middle of the church, with new appointments reflecting in character the architectural style of this church. Painted two murals in a trompe l’oiel technique. Provided illustrations for the 100-year anniversary book and designed new logo and letterhead for the parish stationery.

Shiloh Baptist Church. Brooklyn NY. Executed by Helmut Schardt
Yan designed 13 faceted dalles glass windows. One 7’6” diam. “Holy spirit”. Twelve 2’4”x4’4”h.: Christ, Last supper, Breaking bread, Baptism, Communion, Palms, Hymns, Bible, Cross. Crown.

Church of the Resurrection, Farmingville, NY. Rev,Thomas Mulvanery, Haspel Archt.
Designed the interior for this new church, lighting schedule, material and color schemes Sanctuary, Blessed Sacrament Chapel, Proscenium arch. Sculpted reredos wall treatment, created two stained glass windows, one 5’ in diameter with cross, over altar and a 3’6”circular widow with an alpha omega symbol near tabernacle. Designed and provided cultic appointments, altar pulpit, presiders chair, baptismal font and Eucharistic tower all items in solid oak. Designed outside sign.

Holy Trinity Church, East Hampton NY, Rev. Donald Desmond Pastor.
Created five original conceptual designs in color renderings for studies of a new church reflecting the character of the local style of architecture.

St John the Evangelist Church, Riverhead, NY. Rev. Thomas S.Kane Pastor. Schaardt & Fullan architects.
Provided architectural design services for the creation of a new church. Designed the interior of this new church. Created all cultic appointments, altar, pulpit, presiders chair.
Eucharistic tower, baptismal font, holy oils cabinet, and crucifix. Designed a 12 circular rose window, two 10’ windows in transept, one eucharistic window in chapel and one 5’ window over main entrance.


Holy Cross Lutheran Church. Lake Ronkonkoma, Hawkins Ave. NY
Designed and painted seven 5’6”h x 7’0”w stained glass windows, on the subject: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, and Lent. Easter, Pentecost, Trinity and one decorative window in sanctuary.

Kellenberg Memorial High School, Uniondale, NY Rev. Philip K.Eichner, SM
Designed a large crucifix for the main entrance location, this artwork consists of a cor-ten steel cross 18’h, x 14’w x 1’deep with faceted dalles glass insert and a 14’ corpus modeled from composite stone.

St John’s University, Jamaica Queens. Rev. McKenna
Designed private chapel in Vincentian Residence Kendricks Place. Provided altar. Tabernacle and crucifix.

St Gabriels Church, Brooklyn NY Rev.C.Walker. Pastor
Carved in oak a 5’ statue of St. Martin de Porres.

St Ann/St George Church, Brooklyn NY, Rev Joseph Diele Pastor
Supplied design services for the renovation of the church interior. Created cultic appointments in oak, altar pulpit, candlesticks, processional crucifix.
Painted two 4’ x 4’ icons of Madonna with black Christ, and St Martin de Porres.
Francoise carved in basswood two bas-relief sculptures, St Ann and St George with dragon.

Chaminade. Society of Mary, Mineola NY.
Francoise created crucifix pendant in bronze for the Marianist Brothers.
Carved in basswood several typical Madonna reproductions.

Huntington Hospital, Interdenominational Chapel, Huntington NY Eggers Group Archts.
Francoise designed four stained glass windows.

St Thomas Moor Church, Haupauge NY, Rev. Ellsworth Walden Pastor. Schaardt & Fullan Archts.
Provided five original/conceptual design renderings for the construction of a new church building and parish center.

Redemptorist Order, Whitestone NY. Ferrence Architect.
Designed and provided a 4’in diameter engraved floor plaque for main entrance.


Bishop Kellenberg Memorial High School, Uniondale NY, Very Rev. Philip K. Eichner,
Designed new chapel for students. Created three dimensional wall mosaic 9’6”h. x 85’long with antique glass and composite stone stucco. Designed liturgical appointments,
Created and painted a 9’h., stained glass crucifix, and a round tabernacle.

St Ann’s Church, Garden City LI. NY Rev. Msgr. Seidenschwang Pastor.
Sculpted four 4’h., statues in composite stone, St Anthony of Padua, St Brigid. StVincent de Paul, St Kateri Tekawitha and one 4’ x6’ bas relief lettering plaque of Corporal works of Mercy

St. Peters Evangelical Lutheran Church, Baldwin LI NY.Rev.Philip Sebastian, Pastor
Designed and painted two 2’ x6’h. stained glass windows, subject music.

St Joseph’s Convent, Brentwood. LI. Josephite Sisters
Carved wood sculpture 24”x18” in memory of Sister Fidelis.

National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Doylestown Pa. Rev.Stephen Wozniczka.
Designed Blessed Sacrament Chapel and Holy Family Shrine. Created two mosaic murals 7’6”x15’6”h on the theme of the “Last Supper”, “Life of St Joseph ,and Stations of the cross , executed in Italy with venetian Tesserae smalti. Designed marble wall settings, and marble pulpit. Sculpted on natural full size a group of St Ann teaching St Mary, in composite stone for St Ann Chapel. Designed and Francoise sculpted symbols of 12 apostles on one large tabernacle cast in bronze.


Meribah Retreat in Muttontown LI.NY
Carved Eucharistic symbols into a tree trunk for an altar base with a 4” mensa.

St. Peter the Apostle Church, Islip Terrace NY. Rev. Gerard Ringenbach, Pastor. LAS Architects.
Yan designed new interior for existing structure. Provided conceptual drawings scale drawings of floor layouts, elevations, lighting schedule, PA system location, sanctuary, Blessed Sacrament Chapel Shrines. Custom designed all liturgical appointments, carved altar pulpit, baptismal font, Eucharistic tower, celebrants chair, processional crucifix,  paschal candle, holy oils cabinet.

St. Fidelis Church, College Point, Rev. James Devlin, Pastor
Redecorated the church interior, which Yan designed for Msgr Zimmer in 1980. Designed new outdoor shrine for crucifixion group hand carved by Yan and originally located on roodbeam.

St Andrews Lutheran Church, Smithtown LI. Rev.Roger Schleef Pastor
Provided floorstanding candlesticks and processional cross in oak, sanctuary lamp and flower stands.

Queen of Martyrs Church, Centereach NY
Provided designs for sacristy, executed by Schmitt Woodwork.

St Ann/George Church, Brooklyn, Rev. Joseph Diele. Pastor.
Designed and produced Eucharistic tower in oak including existing bronze tabernacle Provided designs for immersion pool.


Vatican. Pope John Paul II
Handcarved in american black walnut a Holy Family group ¾ natural size
The Diocese of Brooklyn commissioned this artwork for Pope John Paul as a gift from the Bishops and the people of America.
Presented to his Holiness October 6,1995 during mass at Aqueduct Queens on his official visit to the United States of America. Send to the Vatican 3/14/96, addressed to Cardinal Sodano, Enrico Demajo Fondazione Cabaliere di Colombo 00120 Vatican City Europe.

St Agnes Church, Greenport NY. Rev. J.Sullivan, Pastor
Provided complete design service for the redecoration of church interior including renderings, design of appointments, interior layout, elevations, electrical plans. Restored & relocated historic oil painting, remodeled stations, designed entrance doors and donors book.


St Catherine of Sienna Church, St Albans NY. Rev.John Amann Pastor.
Redesigned church interior, Blessed Sacrament chapel. Designed new sanctuary including immersion font, pulpit and holy oils cabinet.

Our Lady of Lourdes Church,Queens Village NY. Rev Msgr.. Peter Kain Pastor.
Sculpted in oak four evangelist symbols for pulpit.

St Andrews Church, Sag Harbor NY
Francoise restored one antique plaster creche.

Our Lady of Angels Church, Woodbridge Va. Rev. John Cilinski, Pastor
Yan in collaboration with Herbert Gunther designed and painted six stained glass windows 3’x8’ to 10’h. On the theme of the joyful, sorrowful and glorious mysteries, St Dominic, St Cecilia and symbols of the 12 commandments.

St Jerome’s Church, Norwalk CT. Rev. David Blanchfield Pastor.
Yan designed and painted the following large 24’h. stained-glass windows: in sanctuary on the subject of “God and Mankind” (Blessed Virgin, Christ, redemption, resurrection and ascension), and rear wall on the theme of “St. Mary and the teaching and life of Christ”(sacraments, life death, last judgement and heaven). Narrow dalles glass windows 1’ x 22’h., set into the side wall of nave.

Our Lady of Loretto Church, Brooklyn NY. Rev. J.Hunt.
Created processional crucifix.

St Teresa of Avilla Church. South Ozone Park NY Rev.V Daly, Pastor
Provided design service and renderings for the redecoration of church interior in the original Art Deco style.

Immaculate Conception Church, Southington Ct
Designed and produced oak reredos, commissioned by D’Ambrosio

St John/St Mary Church, Chappaqua NY. Rev. Timothy McDonnell Pastor.
Designed baptismal font and sculpted small baptismal group cast in aluminum.
Francoise created a cloisonne plaque in a Celtic design of the four evangelists for pulpit.

St Joseph’s Cathedral in Buffalo NY, Bishop James Mansell.
Provided design services for the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in Cathedral and daily mass chapel of St Mary for television transmission. Designed a bronze tabernacle and carved in black walnut the Last Supper scene. Commissioned by D’Ambrosio.


Kellenberg High School, Uniondale NY,Rev. Philip K Eichner.
Yan designed in scale and made model for a large sculptural mural for the school entrance. Artistic mural consists of one Holy Family Group 15’w. x 26’h. one cross 16’w x26h., one 11’ x14’ composition of lettering including fountain and one4’w x 11’h logo.
All items executed on site in synthetic stone with assistance from Marianist brothers and students.

Riverside Church, Manhattan
Francoise sculpted small angel after model for Ecclesiastical Arts Studios.

Our Lady of Angels Church, Sunnyside, N.Y. Rev.Msgr.M. Sheridan. Provided design services for the repainting of church interior.

St Teresa of Avilla Church. South Ozone Park NY Rev.V Daly, Pastor
Provided design service and renderings for the redecoration of church interior in the original Art Deco style.

St Hyancith Church, Glen Head NY. Rev.Richard Kopinski Pastor
Yan designed one 12’h. X 19’w. leaded stained glass wall divider between chapel and main church. Theme is 7 symbols of the sacraments.

Our Lady of Martyrs Church, Centereach NY
Provided design service for immersion baptismal font.


Kellenberg High School, Uniondale NY. Rev Philip K.Eichner ,SM
Yan designed a bell tower for Atrium Park. The sculptural structure consists of three faceted dalles glass curved panels 2’6”w. x 24’, 29’ and one31 feet long. Supported on 12 four-inch steel column 40’h. Three historic Van Duzen bells cast by Buckeye Foundry in Ohio in 1876, 90 94, weighting 400,500 & 700lbs are suspended on extremities.
Francoise designed and executed two side panel tapestries 4’6”x 16’h. St Mary and roman soldier for crucifixion tapestry.

St Clement Pope Church, South Ozone Park.
Yan designed and carved in solid oak one presider’s chair and one side chair.

Marianist Chapel, Mutton Town NY.
Carved in a solid trunk of wood eucharistic symbols for base of altar.

St Pascal Baylon, St Albans NY. Rev.Robert McCourt
Yan designed and carved one 7’3”h x 2’8” stele type Holy oils cabinet.

Notre Dame Church, New Hyde Park
Provided with Ted Bindrim Architect a feasibility study for the redesign and restoration of the existing church interior.

Our Lady of Lourdes Church, East Islip.
Provided design service for the social hall.


Most Holy Trinity Church, East Hampton, NY. Hollenbeck Archt, Rev.Donald Desmond
Yan provided interior design for new parish hall and church, submitted color renderings.
Designed several variations of new church architecture submitted in color renderings several years before.

St Mary’s Episcopal Church, Staten Island,
Yan designed and executed in european antique and opal glass at Restoration Studio one stained glass window over entrance to parish hall 6’w. X 14’h., the theme is a landscape of the island.

St Joseph’s Church, Camillus NY, Rev.John S Finnegan Pastor
Yan designed a 14’tall crucifixion scene, handcarved in lindenwood the full size Christ figure with St Mary and St Joseph, the oak cross was constructed locally.

Chapel for Sisters of Marcy Retreat, Watermill NY
Provided design service for new chapel.

St Peter Celestine Church, Cherry Hill NJ, Rev James Tracy.
Yan designed and execute one 4’diameter stained glass eucharistic symbol window.

St Pascal Baylon Church, St Albans NY. Msgr. Robert McCourt
Designed and carved in oak one pulpit for church

Our Lady of Grace Church, Howard Beach NY
Provided color scheme for redecorating church interior.

Kellenberg High School, Uniondale NY. Rev. Philip K.Eichner
Yan designed for the chapel the following items:
4 abstract stained glass bay windows 4’6” x 6’h., sixteen 2’x2’stained glass clerystory windows and two semicircular faceted dalles glass windows, 21’wide x 6’2”h , these two windows where execute on site with the help of the Marianist Brothers.
Designed and carved one 4’x4’x3’altar and one 2’6”x1’8”x4’h. pulpit in mahogany.
One 4’ bronze suspended cross, one 1’6”diam. Cast bronze tabernacle.
Created with Francoise one mosaic mural of the “Transfiguration” in venetian tesserae and handmade glass, overall dimension 12’h. X 15’wide.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Ronkonkoma NY Rev. Claudia Raggie
Yan designed and painted on stained glass window of “Christ welcoming”
8’w x10’h. over main entrance of church.

St Anthony’s Church Brooklyn Belt Painting,
Provided color rendering for redecoration of church

St Joseph’s Cathedral, Buffalo NY. Bishop J. Mansell.
Designed bishop’s throne executed by D‘Ambrosio Ecclesiastical Studios

SS Peter/Paul Church, Williamsville NY.
Designed for Gaspari Studios large dalles glass window the crucifixion. Not implemented.


D’Ambrosio Ecclesiastical Studios.
Provided design services; St. Adalbert Church.

St. Joseph’s Church, Camillus, NY. Rev. John Finnegan, Pastor..
Francoise carved Stations of the Cross in lindenwood, 18”tall, installed in stained-glass windows in church nave.

Chapel at Kellenberg High School, Uniondale NY.Rev P.K.Eichner President.
Yan carved Stations of the Cross in granite in a “petroglyph style”; individual plaques are of various dimensions from three feet to seven feet high. Formed curved walls and tabernacle setting made molds for 4 lettering plaques. Designed reredos in dalles glass, executed by the Marianist Brothers.

Blessed Sacrament Church, Jackson Heights NY, Rev.Msgr.Raymond Kutner.
Yan designed and painted 14 stained-glass windows with symbols of the Sacraments. Each panel 2’wx4’h.

St Charles Cemetery LI, Farmingdale NY
Yan designed full sized and painted one 11’x11’stained glass window executed in french barioles antique glass, the subject is “the Eucharist”
Designed full sized and selected glass of one faceted dalle de verre window 11’wx13’h.,on the theme of “Journey of mankind and his destiny”
Provided sketches for windows at St Mary’s Cemetery Flushing, not implemented.

Kellenberg High School, Uniondale
Yan designed monument of Father Chaminade and created molds for lettering units.
Francoise sculpted a full size figure of a seated Chaminade statue in clay cast in cold bronze.


St. John’s Lutheran Church, Williston Park NY.
Yan designed 20 stained glass symbol windows 12”x16” .

Our Lady of Angelus Church, Rego Park NY,
Yan designed and painted 10 stained glass windows on the Angelus themes.

St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Bethpage NY.
Yan designed and painted one stained glass window 4’x2’6” “Christ and children”

St Mary’s Episcopal Church Shelter Island, NY
Yan designed stained glass panels for entrance doors.

Kellenberg High School, Uniondale NY
Francoise handcarved in mahogany one 2’8”corpus and one seated Madonna and Child 4’2”h. in cherrywood

Chaminade High School Mineola NY. Rev. James Director
Yan and Francoise designed and created one wall mosaic mural 10 feet high by 24’wide
Executed in venetian tesserae and hand made glass .

D’Ambrosio Ecclesiastical Studios, Yan provided various design services for churches located in the Diocese of Brooklyn NY: Our Lady of Hope Church , St Theresa, St Frances, St Mel’s. St Nicolas, American Martyrs, St Catherine of Genoa


Founder’s Hollow, Stone Ridge NY.
Designed large landscaped plaza for Retreat Center.

Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School. Brookville New York Dr Hahn Director.
Designed one 10’wide by 16 feet high faceted dalles de verre window representing Christ the teacher and one 4’ transom window Designed chapel interior.

Kellenberg High School, Uniondale NY. Rev P K Eichner.
Designed four 8’h x 12’wide faceted dalles glass windows, for millenium hall.

St Pascal Baylon Church. St Albans NY.
Designed altar and pulpit for daily mass chapel.

St Frances de Chantal Church Wantagh, NY
Designed large immersion baptismal font.

St Anthony of Padua Church, South Ozone Park,NY. Rev. James J. Mueller Pastor
provided complete design services for the interior of this new church. LAS Architects.

Provided design services for D’Ambrosio Ecclesiastical Art Studios Inc of the following church interiors: American Martyrs Church, Queens, St Catherine of Genoa Church, St Mel’s Church Flushing, NY, Mount Carmel Church Conneticut.(2 color sketches of interior)

Founders Hollow, Province of Meribah, Rev. P.K. Eichner.
Provided landscape design sketch for main plaza.

Collins Square Shopping Mall, Virginia Beach
Sculpted oversize royal stag.


St Charles Cemetery, Farmingdale.
Provided designs and full size cartoon of slab-glass windows for main entrance.

Founders Hollow, Province of Meribah
Francoise created a processional crucific in mosaic on walnut cross.

Little Sisters of the Poor, Bronx ,NY .Commissioned by Renovata Studios.
Provided designs for dalles de verre windows for entire chapel, sculpted models of corpus, Holy Family, St Mary and St Joseph.

Mercy High School Riverhead, NY, Sister Elaine Director.
Designed new student chapel, Francoise created two banners (eucharistic & 3’x8′ grapes and wheat).

Kellenberg High School, Uniondale.
Created from previously designed scale drawings full size cartoons of 4 large windows for millenium hall .Two 8’x10’windows of Father Chaminade, St Mary, two 8’x30′ windows of a Phoenix on the north side and “The Lamb of God” on the south side.

Agnesian Health Care Hospital Chapel, Fond du Lac, WI
Provided complete Interior design services including designs for cultic appointments and artglass partitions and fused glass windows for a new chapel. The Zimmermann Group Architects.

Haupauge Long Island NY,
Francoise is one of two finalists for the Suffolk County 9/11 Memorial Project

Founder’s Hollow, Stone Ridge, NY.
Francoise sculpted a second statue of Chaminade and made the casting in cold bronze.


Sculpted two full size statues St, Joseph and St Mary, cast in bronze at the Ganz Foundry in Farmingdale NY, for Little Sisters of the Poor in the Bronx.

Françoise sculpted and cast in cold bronze a seated statue of Mary at Cana, for Founders Hollow NY, Marianist Brothers.

Yan carved in lindenwood a full size group of the Holy Family and a crucified Christ figure for Little Sisters of the Poor located in the Bronx. Commissioned by Renovata.

Prepared design drawings for the renovation of Christ the King Church interior, Farmers Blvd, Brooklyn.

Kellenberg High School, Designed new Emanuel Chapel including furniture and screens. Created designs for main Lobby 2 large faceted-glass windows and 2 school emblems ,(full size drawings and colored glass selection for a 9, x 7, dalles glass window on the theme of Mary Regina, and a 8’x7’ faceted dalles des verres window of the Phoenix.)
Carved one 5’x7’0” bas relief of Christ the Pantocrator, center piece in school lobby, using 5 different woods

Little Sisters of the Poor Chapel. Selected coloured dalles and marked on cartoons for the execution of slab glass windows at Gordons Studios Port Washington NY.

Carved lettering “ Do whatever he tells you” in a 5’oak log for Founders Hollow


Hand-carved in wood two live-size angels, a 5’decorative bas-relief of a sunburst and a full size Christ corpus for the Emanuel Chapel at Kellenberg High School,
Build and cast in bronze a 13d x 18” h tabernacle, hand carved from a solid oak log a pulpit and from a 30”x4’h maple tree trunk a holy water stoup.

Created a 12’tall crucifix in the fused-glass technique in Schlierbach Austria for the Meribah Retreat Center in Muttentown L.I.

Executed in Schlierbach two art glass partition walls 9’hx 12’wide for the Agnesian Hospital.
Handcarved from solid walnut logs: one 6’h Eucharistic tower one 4’ pulpit one altar, one base for the processional crucifix and two floor standing candlesticks.
Modeled in wax and cast in bronze: spherical tabernacle , processional crucifix, sanctuary lamp.
Françoise carved in mahogany 18”corpus for Christ the King Church Springfield Gardens


Agnesian Hospital Chapel. Fond du Lac WI. Implemented in Stift Schlierbach Glasmalerei Austria six 4’wide by 12’high artglass windows in the fusing glass technique. Created several fused glass artistic plates.


Jeanne Jugan Residence, Bronx NY. Little Sisters of the Poor.
All windows in the new chapel have been successfully completed with faceted dalles de verre panels designed by Yan. Six windows are of following dimensions 3’6”wide by 10’6”high, four windows are 5’9”wide by 2’high, two windows are3’6”w x 5’h,and two lancet windows are 2’wide by 13 feet high.
Carved from a tree trunk a monstrance for the Emanuel chapel at Kellenberg H.S.

St Luke’s Lutheran Church, 20 Candlewood Path Dix Hills, NY 11746. Rev.Froehlich Pastor
Designed and executed one 5’8”x5’8” stained glass window on the subject of “Resurrection”


Yan created fused-glass artworks in Schlierbach Austria, designated for a one-man art exhibition at the JT Swanson Gallery of the OHS in Orient.
An article on this subject was published in the Suffolk Times May 1 2008,. Some exponents have also been shown at the invitational exhibition at the Southold Historical Society.


In the month of March ‘09 Yan Rieger implemented at the Glasmalerei in Schlierbach an art commission designed by Françoise for the church of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs located in Centerport NY. The project is a 6 feet in diameter glassmobile suspended in the baptistery area, an inspirational work of art consisting of 3 slumped fused glass slabs mounted on a forged solid bronze frame and 25 tear drop shaped pendants, suspended on thin antique bronze chains. The artwork has been blessed May 13.

Françoise executed, a 5’h.x 14’w. applied tapestry, for the lobby of Kellenberg Memorial HS in Uniondale NY. As per Yan’s drawing of a nativity scene.


Created fused glass panel “ In Gratitude to Ilija Kabakov”, commissioned by San Simeon.

Donated full size plaster molds of St Mary & St Joseph to Kellenberg HS

Sold art-glass “Sisyphus”

Submitted designs for Memorial of « Vertrieberne » Berlin Germany.

Submitted design  for the Memorial of Pope JOHN PAUL to the Diocese of Krakow Poland.


In May Installed exhibition at Swanson Gallery in Orient under the title “Fibre & Glass”. Showing Francoise weavings and Yan’s art-glass.

Francoise and Yan worked on wax sculptures of Chaminade and St Mary at Canan for casting in bronze at the Modern Art Foundry in Queens NY.

At Art sale in Poquatuck Hall Orient sold fused glass art panel “Seascape on mirror”

At OHS auction sold “Painted chair with mask”.

Created fused glass plaque “In Gratitude” to the Costello Fm. Commissioned by St Simeon.

Created fused glass plaque for “ In Gratitude to Beninati. Commissioned by San Simeon.

Yan donated to OHS bas-relief sculpture , Francoise a  photograph, for fundraising purposes.

Provided several designs for the school entrance at Kellenberg HS Uniondale NY.

Yan submitted design proposals for a 9/11 Memorial in Hauppauge LI. . Francoise’s design received second place for her concept in this open competition.


Submitted design concepts to FMAC Geneva, Switzerland

Created seven 2 feet by 6 feet art-glass inspirational signs for the entrance at Kellenberg HS.

Submitted designs too MTA for station in Westchester County


Hand-carved a full set of 4′ tall Nativity Set in cedar wood provided by client for Kellenberg HS

Submitted design for MTA Mineola Station


Created a 21′ tall nickel plated sculpted bronze cross incorporating faceted glass for Chaminade HS.

Submitted design proposal to MTA for Queens Subway Station.

Submitted proposal for design concepts for Oregon Zoo Education Center/Wets Plaza Portland.

Submitted a proposal to the GATEWAY to NORWALK public art competition.


Provided designs and color rendering of St Bridgits Church commissioned by Eclesiastical Studios.

Submitted 10 color design sketches for banners to Rev,Thomas  Cleary, Chaminade HS.


Submitted several conceptual designs for an outdoor sculpture of St Albert on the new science building at Chaminade HS in Mineola, Project was abandoned.

Carved in cedar an ox for the creche at Kellenberg HS

Submitted designs for Experience Graphics Boston Children Hospital, MA.


Designed and executed in Stift Schlierbach 6 fused glass art panels for Kellenberg HS.

Submitted design proposal for art in the Lobby at the Nursing & Science Building at Rutgers College Camden

Submitted design for sculptures on the Heritage Bridge Project  in Janesville MI


Gave a workshop on the subject “painting with light”  for Peconic Landing residence using fused glass for artwork.

Proposed to Peconic Landing in Greenport a large sculpture in wood and glass, submitted several designs.

Donated to Peconic Landing glass art sculpture  “Peppa Pig Icon” for fundraising

Submitted designs for the” Suffrage Monumental Women” for Central Park in NY

Submitted designs to MTA fo Staten Island Station

Donated a fused glass panel « Medusa » to the Southold Historical Society


Placed his woodcarving of the Floyd Family sculpture in the Greenport Maritime Museum for the « Taking it back to the50 » exhibition.

Created several design renderings for Kellenberg HS Main Entrance Gate Area.

Submitted designs for a Mother Cabrini Monument in Brooklyn NY

Donated a fused glass art panel, a sand-painting of an Indian warrior and a stone carving of a bear, to the Indian Museum in Southold NY.

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